Bible Translation Review Panel - Final Report with 10 Recommendations

We, as a panel appointed by the World Evangelical Alliance, have been charged with the task of auditing the Wycliffe and SIL practices related to the translation of divine familial terms. These terms include principally (but not exclusively) the word for “father” used in reference to God and the word for “son” and the phrase for ”Son of God” used in reference to Jesus. [...]

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Divine Familial Terms Translation Procedures - December 2016

This document, Divine Familial Terms Translation Procedures, guides translators, translation consultants, and other translation program personnel in the technical decision-making processes for the selection and testing of appropriate terms for "father" and "son of God" in Muslim contexts. This document and the processes explained therein were developed in accordance with the recommendations of the panel named by the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) and are approved by the WEA Oversight Group (December 2016). Please refer either to the Executive Summary for an overview or to the complete document for the detailed procedures.

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